Two Butterflies Layered Necklace

$69.99 $148.99

One butterfly is pretty for sure, but why settle for one when you can have two? This Two Butterflies Layered necklace will steal everyone's heart and attention. Made with Sterling Silver and a butterfly pendant decorated with diamonds, you can never go wrong with this fashionable piece.

Viking Cross Chain Bracelet

$58.99 $141.00

So you think you're a tough guy? Nothing is tougher than this Viking Cross Chain Bracelet. Made with thick and durable titanium steel, this will definitely make you feel like a true Viking that you are on the inside.

Mother-of-Pearl Star Chain Necklace

$41.99 $99.99

Simple yet charming, our Mother-of-Pearl Star Chain Necklace is an adorable piece that can suit both adults and children alike! It's made from real Sterling Silver with a star pendant and gorgeous pearl centerpiece–it's a perfect gift to anyone of all ages.

Supernova Chain Necklace

$51.99 $99.99

Add a touch of glam to your daily looks with our Supernova Chain Necklace. It's made with Sterling Silver and its eye-catching pink diamond pendant will surely bring your whole look together. There is something so magical about it that we can't explain, but one thing's for sure: it's a must-have!

Midnight Sky Chain Necklace

$49.97 $131.00

Mysterious and magical, our Midnight Sky Chain Necklace is not the necklace you should be sleeping on! It's made with Sterling Silver and its uniquely-designed moon and star pendant is inlaid with stunning white diamonds.

Ornate Emerald-Cut Diamond Chain Necklace

$69.97 $99.99

Bring "old money" vibes wherever you go with this Ornate Emerald-Cut Diamond Chain Necklace. Its gorgeous Emerald centerpiece is framed by stunning white diamonds. Made with genuine Sterling Silver, this necklace will have you looking like a million dollars any time of the day!

Opulent Crystal Pendant Chain Necklace

$67.99 $99.99

Feel luxurious and glamorous with our Opulent Crystal Pendant Chain Necklace. Its crystal pendant is guaranteed to catch everyone's attention. Made with Sterling Silver and carefully decorated with diamonds, this necklace is the definition of fancy.

Chic Sapphire Gemstone Chain Necklace

$46.97 $99.99

In need of something simple, yet still eye-catching in its own way? This Chic Sapphire Gemstone Chain Necklace is just what you're looking for. It's made with Sterling Silver and features a beautiful Sapphire centerpiece. It's chic, it's classic, and it's definitely going to take your breath away!

Pearl of the Night Chain Necklace

$47.99 $131.00

Say goodbye to boring jewelry and say hello to our Pearl of the Night Chain Necklace. It is crafted from Sterling Silver and the first thing you'll notice is the intricately made moon pendant with a beautiful pearl. This is definitely going to have anyone take a second look.

Bow of Diamonds Chain Necklace

$49.97 $148.99

Why settle for a plain ribbon, when you can have a ribbon lined with beautiful diamonds? Our Bow of Diamonds Chain Necklace is going to add just the right amount of cute into every outfit. It's made with real Sterling Silver and it'll be the best gift you'll ever give yourself.

Opalescent Mermaid Tail Chain Necklace

$42.99 $99.99

Be mesmerized with our Opalescent Mermaid Tail Chain Necklace made from Sterling Silver. This piece of jewelry features an opalescent pendant with a variety of colors dancing around in perfection. Nothing can get as dreamy as this.

Bejeweled Moon Chain Necklace

$44.97 $99.99

Our Bejeweled Moon Chain Necklace looks like a night full of secrets in a pendant. This Sterling Silver piece will catch your attention with its intricate design. Look at the details, and you'll see a tiny little moonstone–make a wish and it just might come true!

Elegant Emerald Chain Necklace

$61.99 $99.99

The emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”. It is known to have a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart. This Elegant Emerald Chain Necklace is crafted from Sterling Silver and decorated with emeralds and white diamonds, a perfect gift to give to that special woman in your life.

Knotty Heart Chain Necklace

$44.99 $99.99

Are you knotty, or nice? Either way, giving this Knotty Heart Chain Necklace will be a nice gesture. It's made from genuine Sterling Silver and encrusted with white diamonds. Some say it looks like a pretzel, but we'll take it as a compliment—we're knots about it!

Infinite Love Chain Necklace

$49.97 $99.99

Show off your "to infinity and beyond" kind of love by gifting this Infinite Love Chain Necklace to the special person in your life. It features a Sterling Silver heart pendant inlaid with white diamonds. This classy piece will win your lover's heart for sure.

Shining Snowflake Chain Necklace

$46.97 $148.00

They say that each snowflake is unique yet perfect in every way. This Shining Snowflake Chain Necklace is exactly that–perfectly crafted from Sterling Silver and adorned with sparkling white diamonds. Now you can always bring this winter gem with you no matter the season!

Treasure Bag Chain Necklace

$52.97 $148.00

Gifts are always a good idea, and a smile on anyone's face is guaranteed when they receive this Treasure Bag Chain Necklace. It's a one-of-a-kind piece made from Sterling Silver and decorated with a lovely diamond center. Definitely an item to treasure.

Siren's Tail Chain Necklace

$41.99 $131.00

Be lured by the beauty of this Siren's Tail Chain Necklace without the danger, or so the rumors say. This Sterling Silver necklace features a pendant as blue and mysterious as the ocean. You can never go wrong with this unique piece.

Delicate Camellia Chain Necklace

$57.99 $131.00

Camellias are known to represent love, affection, and admiration. This piece is made with Sterling Silver–guaranteed high-quality and made to last. Our Delicate Camellia Chain Necklace is bound to catch everyone's attention with its unique and intricate design.

Guardian Angels Layered Necklace

$43.97 $148.99

Bring your guardian angels around with you wherever you go with this Guardian Angels Layered Necklace. This Sterling Silver necklace features two cherubs embossed on a coin pendant, decorated with dainty crosses. Definitely a statement piece and closet staple.

Tie the Knot Chain Necklace

$56.99 $131.00

Ever wanted to show your unending love and devotion, but rings aren't your partner's thing? No worries! With our Tie the Knot Chain Necklace, you can easily show your commitment. Made with real Sterling Silver, this necklace is the perfect gift to your special someone.

Bee Mine Chain Necklace

$59.97 $99.99

Win the heart of your beeloved by giving this cute "Bee Mine" Chain Necklace! It's made with Sterling Silver and features a heart-framed bee pendant. There's no other way to say "we beelong together" than this unbeelievably adorable piece.

*No bees were harmed in the making of this necklace.

Mini Sapphire Butterfly Chain Bracelet

$41.97 $83.00

Something new and something blue shouldn't be exclusive to weddings! Transform your look with this Mini Sapphire Butterfly Chain Bracelet. Crafted with Sterling Silver, and adorned with a blue sapphire stone butterfly, this bracelet surely is a lot of things, but having you feeling blue is definitely not one of 'em!

Milky White Wings Chain Bracelet

$41.97 $109.00

They say it's a good idea to wear your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing a butterfly around your wrist? It's never a bad idea to don this adorable Milky White Wings Chain Bracelet. Made with Sterling Silver and adorned with pearl and diamond winged butterflies, this piece will surely brighten up your day!

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